Canal LightsStone To CrystalFrozen JourneyRide Over The WhirlpoolAutumn At MorningstarSawmill At MorningstarLighthouse MorningA Whisper Of Blue Light 2Silver SailsThe Lone Cypress 3From Fort PointGamboa Point ViewArch Rock At DawnSkull RockPerchedThree Sisters And A Breaking WaveThe Great House And BridgeRemnants Of A JettyBeyond The WindowLate Afternoon At RoadsideTree In FieldAbove The HorseshoeFrom The TowerAs The Fog ClearsFrom The Old DockAt Rest On Salmon BayThe ArchesClouds Over The Trail 2GroundedA Piece Of The TrailSummer MagicClouds Over The HillTemple With SunburstClouds Over The FortThe IslandsL'IndépendantStill Standing146 BarrowsOn The Shore 2Sunburst Over PalmsWaterfall SunsetWaiting 1At RestThe Candle ExperimentInto The MistAntique KnockerAnother Canopy Of ArchesEscalating SymmetryLegendary DoorsWindmill Point LighthouseDistillery Dodge 2Rain Droplets 2Cold, Cold CityVelvet ThronePalms Under A Starlit NightLeaning TreeInto The GreenOut From The GreenHanging AroundThe SkywalkTrees In The FogBlue BicycleLife JacketsSpring LilyOld Truck And BarnTwo ChairsWindow And Street LampCabin On The PondFive In A RowSunset ExplosionSnow-Covered TreesAgave ConeRoad To PageMisty Morning

art photography: “photography that is done as a fine art — that is, done to express the artist’s perceptions and emotions and to share them with others” –  gloria s. mcdarrah, et al. from the photography encyclopedia

fine art photography: “a picture that is produced for sale or display rather than one that is produced in response to a commercial commission” – terry hope from fine art photography: creating beautiful images for sale and display

fine art photography: “the production of images to fulfil the creative vision of a photographer. … synonymous with art photography” – barbara lynch-johnt and michelle perkins from illustrated dictionary of photography: the professional’s guide to terms and techniques