so… here we go!

this past year has been an adventure. my wife accepted a position in trinidad and tobago at the beginning of the year. we had been anticipating it. welcoming it. but when it came, the push was on! she was starting on march 1st. we had decided that she would move down and live by herself until the kids finished school and we would all be together in early july. that meant a trip to t&t to get her set up in late february. 2 weeks in the glorious sun in a foreign land. dip my toe in the ocean, as it were. no pun intended.

with her settled, it was back to toronto and being a full time mr. mom to the kids. and think about packing, selling, liquidating.

first i stopped my work at art avenue gallery. that was at the end of march. i kept the bookkeeping practice going (and ended it at the end of may). then it was dealing with our stuff. what to put in storage. what to sell. then the packing. that started in may. it ended on the last day of june with the move out from our townhouse rental.

one week in early july to tie up the last of the loose ends. then a red-eye flight to port-of-spain to join my wife. spend ‘the summer’ with the kids exploring… doubles. aloo pies. all a big hit with the kids. the beaches. splendid. maracas. macqueripe. l’anse martin. las cuevas. all relatively close.

the mosquitoes? not so good. i make screens for all the windows. how do people here live without screens?

Morningstar Autumn     Rose Detail

in august i resume posting images on facebook, 500px and flickr. a few. not too many. all from the past year or so. nothing from t&t yet. i finally commit to a complete revamp of the website. settle on wordpress. find the photocrati theme (a big shout out to drew who made the glitches painfree!). and i start…

The Candle Experiment     Frozen Over The Lake

september and the kids are starting school. the school supplies have been bought. so have the school uniforms. trepidation. the kids are noticeably freaked out. like the kids here are a different species or something…

all is well, after all. the kids are adjusting nicely.

the new website is almost ready. sneak peek on september 10. i’m really liking the look and feel. the site is complete by september 16. just this blog to go. what the hell am i going to blog about? well, facebook is at it again with their terms of service creating a negative stir in the photography community. i decide i will remove all the images from fb. this blog will be used for reposting the archives and for introducing new work.

september 17, 2013: twitter. you can follow me if you like.

it is today. september 18. this is my first blog post. i have been photographing throughout all my time here in t&t. i have been editing a little also. but the focus has indeed been the relaunch of

so, dear reader (i don’t imagine there are too many of you yet), here we go!

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