clouds over the port

Clouds Over The Port

clouds, clouds and more clouds! shortly upon my arrival to trinidad and tobago, this was the first shot i wanted to get… but every time i went, there were scarcely any clouds in the sky. that was in february 2013 when i came for a visit. the dry season was still going strong and for 2 weeks i did not see a single drop of rain – just magnificent blue skies!

upon my return in july, when i had finally made the long anticipated move to t&t, the wet season was in full swing and indeed there were more clouds in the sky and we indeed saw rain on an almost daily basis – kind of like you would get in south florida, for those of you familiar with those short bouts of rain…

in any event, here we have a panoramic of greater port of spain, from the lady young lookout above the city.

this photograph can be found in the following galleries: cityscapes and skyscapes 2

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