newfoundland – days 1 & 2

hello again dear readers/followers!

though i am nowhere near started on the editing process from my recent newfoundland trip, i did want to share a few words about the trip itself and show you a few unedited photographs… i had meant to post daily but a failure to pace myself and a few nights of less-than-reliable internet access made this a non-starter…

to start, i have to say that newfoundland was awesome! it is quite simply one of the most beautiful places i have ever had the pleasure of visiting… the rugged landscape, beautiful skies and wonderful people all converged to make this a very memorable photo tour. i drove approximately 3500 kilometres in the span of 12 days. i barely scratched the surface of this most amazing place – it is huge and varied – i doubt that one could see all the nooks and crannies in a month, never mind 2 weeks – a return trip is most definitely in order!

day 1 – july 1, 2014:

i landed on canada day at st. john’s international airport from toronto. got my rental car – a peppy chevy sonic with a better-than-average sound system and good fuel efficiency. made my way to memorial university where i rented a dorm room for a couple of nights – clean, comfortable and easier on the wallet 😉

my first scheduled stop was signal hill national historic site of canada, where i proceeded to take an afternoon hike from the summit down along the coast. probably should have had a bottle of water with me, but i was itching to get started… so i did! a scenic place with great views of the coast and harbour. a couple of icebergs were stationed off in the atlantic nearby – it just made this place more magical! after spending a few hours there, i broke for an early dinner and returned for dusk/sunset and the canada day fireworks.


day 2 – july 2, 2014

the following morning, i awoke early as usual and hit the road at about 6am. my next stop was cape spear lighthouse national historic site of canada. the skygods were with me as i got my wish of dramatic clouds for the early morning shoot! on my way to cape spear i had noticed a beautiful iceberg in one of the coves somewhat visible from the road. thankfully at this early hour, after i had shot the lighthouses, i met a young lady setting up for an event in the parking area. she advised that the hike to the cove was not too terribly long (perhaps a half hour) and that it would be worth my while checking it out… she was not wrong about the scenery. she was a little off on the timing though – what i anticipated being a 1-1.5 hour hike (return) turned out to be more like 4 hours after i was done! i was prepared, however, with water and a few snacks. the iceberg was spectacular close up!

i went back to my room and decided to take it easy for the rest of the afternoon – that hike took a bit out of me! after i had some dinner, i headed out to fort amherst on the southern side of the narrows (the narrow channel between signal hill and southside hill that provides the only entrance into st. john’s harbour from the sea). the original fortifications at for amherst were built in the 1770’s and are no longer visible today. what remains are some homes, a lighthouse and remains of gun emplacements built during world war 2.

on this evening, there was a nice vantage point for observing an iceberg just outside the narrows. i also made my way further along the southside of the harbour to get a better vantage point of the battery (a small neighbourhood within the city of st. john’s).

the day ended with a return to signal hill as a bank of fog made its way over the city.

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