newfoundland – day 12

day 12 – july 12:

awoke bloody early! looked out the window – blue hour was here already… i was out just before 5am and i made my way back to route 80 northbound for shag rock at whiteway once again.

disappointment. it was raining and as the light filtered through the clouds and fog, it was apparent that not much had changed since last night. 🙁 i pressed on in the hopes that the fog would eventually give way…

the fog was taking its sweet time lifting, so i ventured out to some of the surrounding communities.

back in whiteway…

it was fully six hours before i made it back to the motel. i had just enough time for a quick shower before checking out. st. john’s, here i come…

i first hit the airport to file my paperwork with the car rental agency then stopped at the tourist bureau. the agent was kind enough to direct me to quidi vidi, formerly a historic fishing village within the city of st. john’s. today, it is a quaint and charming village with restaurants, residences and is home to the quidi vidi brewing company.

continuing my drive around the village, i ended up entering the cuckold cove trail off of cuckholds cove road east to experience something rather special and unique, as it turns out… as i was gathering my gear for the hike, a gentleman (with his young son) asked me if i was going to go see the bald eagles. i had no knowledge of them, so he directed me to where i would be able to view them… i hiked up the well-maintained trail and took in some gorgeous sights along the way until i got to a good vantage point to witness the eagles.

all told, i was on the trail for about 5 hours, roasting in the sun. the scenery, the spectacle of the bald eagles and the warm sun all made for a peaceful afternoon. i still had the rest of the evening to go, so i headed towards downtown to visit…

i wasn’t going to book a room for the night, opting instead to stay at the airport to await my early morning flight… ciao newfoundland! see you again soon, i hope… 😉

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