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From A Different Era

i had the pleasure of returning to tobago for end of year holidays this past december and committed to seeing different sites than what i saw on my first trip there last year. my wife, maya, had spoken about a great set of doors at the mount irvine bay hotel & golf club when she stayed there for a conference some time ago. as we were staying in the most populated part of the island, in crown point, it was quite easy to get to. the hotel itself was built in the early 70’s when there was very little in the way of tourism on this beautiful island.

it was rather evident that today, this property is but a shadow of its former self. apparently a change in management and the recession that started in 2008 has led this once prominent resort to slip into a form of decay… walking the grounds i had a strange feeling – almost a nostalgia for what it must once have been like – there was scarcely a car in the parking lot!

when i researched the property online, after the fact, i came across this:

“The Mount Irvine Bay Hotel & Golf Club offered the leading accommodation on the island for the best part of 25 years. Sadly a change of ownership and policy has resulted in the steady demise of the island’s best hotel.

The old Colonial style of the hotel will not suite [sp.] everyone. The biggest problem is an apparent constant reduction in service levels (such as the closure or limited opening of some of the hotel’s restaurants and bars). Occupancy levels are so low that you are likely to have the hotel to yourself. This creates a very strange atmosphere that many will find unsettling…” –

my sentiments exactly! 🙁

in any event, the doors were indeed wonderful – thanks maya! 😉

this photograph can be found in the following gallery: doors, windows & arches

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