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Photography Prints

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open edition prints now available on

greetings! i am excited to announce that i’m offering my open edition prints on after some research, i feel they are the best option for me in providing print-on-demand (pod) services for my clients. they offer a good mix of printing options including: traditional photographic prints on photo paper, canvas prints, metallic prints, acrylic prints, framed prints and greeting cards. (i will not offer throw pillows and duvet covers).

this is new for me, as i have always relied on my website and social media for getting the prints to the buying public. however, a troubling trend has emerged… i am not seeing engagement from you, the viewer, the way it was even just a couple of years ago. let’s face it, since the economic downturn of late 2008, it’s been a mess! nothing has recovered – not even close to it! as a matter of fact, things have progressively become worse over the last 6 or 7 years. furthermore, we are being bombarded with all sorts of information nowadays on our various devices and i’m afraid that our attention spans have become diminished. facebook, twitter and the various photo sites i frequent are just not doing it anymore… it is time to focus my energy on markets where at the very least there is an interest in photographic art – that’s where comes in… 😉

so, as the talking heads do their thing, telling us that everything is getting better and better… i would be remiss if i did not at the very least have a presence on an art site that is seemingly attracting a solid customer base. alas, it is a truism that travel and photographic equipment do not come cheap!

my limited edition prints, will still be available from me directly as they must be signed, titled, numbered and issued with a certificate of authenticity. that is just not possible with pod services. please refer to my ‘purchase info‘ page for my print offerings.

twitter and facebook followers, you will see a barrage of post from me in the coming days (my apologies!) as i populate my gallery at hopefully you will discover something new or indeed reacquaint yourselves with some of your favourites during this somewhat tedious process… 😉

thank you and the very best to you all,


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deloraine cliffs

Deloraine Cliffs

on the east coast of trinidad, in between cocos bay and mayaro bay lies point radix – a plateau that juts out into the atlantic ocean. the ben deloraine nature reserve is situated there on a 250 acre private parcel of land offering accommodations and camping for “…people who are environmentally conscious and who appreciate natural settings with basic amenities and alternative energy (solar and wind).” –

on this day, i was afforded a visit of the grounds, namely to take a dirt road all the way down to the private beach, where this photo was taken. it is my understanding that the cliffs are composed of sandstone and claystone.

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columns and arch

Columns And Arch

when one wanders around the bus terminal in the city of san fernando in trinidad, this old derelict structure can be found on the north end of the lot. such was my luck on a lazy sunday afternoon a few weeks ago. there is so much architectural beauty in this country, but alas, preserving the past does not seem to be a priority… 🙁

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marlon’s tree

Marlon's Tree

who is marlon? i have not the faintest; but he thought enough of himself to carve out his name on the trunk of this prominent tree in tortuga, trinidad.


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view of the hill

View Of The Hill

the hill in question is naparima hill aka san fernando hill (aka ‘the hill’ by locals).  it lies in the centre of the city of san fernando and today is a recreational area with great views of the gulf of paria on trinidad’s west coast. on clear days it affords inland views of central trinidad. it also contains a charming banquet hall that can be rented for all sorts of special events, making whatever function even more memorable.

photographed from the hills around the town of gran couva, i have searched high and low for a good vantage point to capture it from; thus far this is the best i have found. alas, it seems that the closer you get to it, the more the sight lines become obscured by the urban sprawl. i will keep searching… 😉

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the race

The Race

look! people! for those of you who have been following me for a while, you will undoubtedly notice that very rarely are there people in my shots. if they are, it’s usually incidental. in this case, i did not have a whole lot of time to prepare… it was another late afternoon at the beach and i was scoping out a place to shoot from. as i was doing that, there was a group of about 10 guys all lined up about to race each other. knowing that light was fading, i could get a long exposure of the guys running towards me by stopping down to the smallest aperture (f22 in this case). of course i wasn’t sure it was going to work – instinct kicked in and this is what resulted… 😉

what do you think? does this image work?

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tree by the falls

Tree By The Falls

after having explored the roads of mount saint george in the south of tobago the previous afternoon, we located green hill falls. the lighting was not optimal then, so i planned to come by the next morning when it would be better. it was touch and go for a bit as the falls were not as sheltered from the early morning sun as i had thought they would be… gentle cloud cover resulted in very decent morning light; a bit of patience, thankfully, yielded this photograph.

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catch a wave 1, 2 & 3

Catch A Wave 1

Catch A Wave 2

Catch A Wave 3

little englishman’s bay again – on a different day. this time, however, there was some very decent wave action. as you can imagine, i took shot after shot here in the hopes of getting some good ‘crashes’. these are the three that made the cut 😉

this photograph can be found in the following gallery: waterscapes

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