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greetings! i am excited to announce that i’m offering my open edition prints on after some research, i feel they are the best option for me in providing print-on-demand (pod) services for my clients. they offer a good mix of printing options including: traditional photographic prints on photo paper, canvas prints, metallic prints, acrylic prints, framed prints and greeting cards. (i will not offer throw pillows and duvet covers).

this is new for me, as i have always relied on my website and social media for getting the prints to the buying public. however, a troubling trend has emerged… i am not seeing engagement from you, the viewer, the way it was even just a couple of years ago. let’s face it, since the economic downturn of late 2008, it’s been a mess! nothing has recovered – not even close to it! as a matter of fact, things have progressively become worse over the last 6 or 7 years. furthermore, we are being bombarded with all sorts of information nowadays on our various devices and i’m afraid that our attention spans have become diminished. facebook, twitter and the various photo sites i frequent are just not doing it anymore… it is time to focus my energy on markets where at the very least there is an interest in photographic art – that’s where comes in… 😉

so, as the talking heads do their thing, telling us that everything is getting better and better… i would be remiss if i did not at the very least have a presence on an art site that is seemingly attracting a solid customer base. alas, it is a truism that travel and photographic equipment do not come cheap!

my limited edition prints, will still be available from me directly as they must be signed, titled, numbered and issued with a certificate of authenticity. that is just not possible with pod services. please refer to my ‘purchase info‘ page for my print offerings.

twitter and facebook followers, you will see a barrage of post from me in the coming days (my apologies!) as i populate my gallery at hopefully you will discover something new or indeed reacquaint yourselves with some of your favourites during this somewhat tedious process… 😉

thank you and the very best to you all,


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