back in canada…

greetings! it’s been a while since i posted any new photographs… those of you who have been following along will recall that my family and i have moved back to canada and have settled in st. catharines, ontario.

we’re really enjoying life in this smaller community. toronto has gotten a tad too crazy for me (read unaffordable) and i can certainly live without all the traffic of the big city! 😉

trinidad and tobago was a fantastic experience that i will cherish for a long time to come… it certainly yielded some great photo opportunities, that have already been posted.

what will follow over the next number of days will be the last of my collection from t&t. those will eventually be followed by photos of southern california including coastal scenes from the pacific coast highway, as well as images from los angeles and san francisco…

thanks for your continued support – just a reminder that open edition images are available directly from while my larger limited edition photographs are still available from me, directly through this website.

stay tuned, as the first of the new postings will be up a little later today.

cheers! i hope you all had a great summer,



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