the great house and bridge


lopinot is a small village in trinidad named after compte josef charles de lopinot de la fresilliere. he acquired acreage on this site and settled the lopinot valley around 1806 and was a significant contributor to cocoa production in trinidad. what remains on the site today is his great plantation house (photographed) and two cocoa drying sheds. the great house has been converted into a museum. the rest of the complex is a lovely landscaped park with walking trails and access to a nearby stream.

legend has it that on rainy and stormy nights his ghost will make an appearance, as documented on ghost hunters international (episode: rising from the grave). 😉

on a side note, i attempted to photograph at this location on more than one occasion but just could not get it right. thankfully, i finally got it the way i wanted on my last attempt before leaving trinidad!

this photograph can be found in the following gallery: parks & gardens

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