a patch of trees along the 40

having left the north of israel the day prior, we left for the south while it was still dark. our final destination would be eilat and the red sea, but there was at least one major stop to make at the town of mitzpe ramon and its incredible ramon crater. when leaving the metropolitan tel aviv area, you are essentially on the mediterranean coastline and most of the roads and highways due south pass near be’er sheva, the largest city in the negev desert. having bypassed the city, we opted to take highway 40 south instead of the main highway 6 that connects to the faster highway 90 along the dead sea. the scenery in the desert is beautiful and with the morning light how could we lose? this photo was taken in that beautiful light roughly halfway between be’er sheva and mitzpe ramon.

this photograph can be found in the following gallery: flowers, plants & trees

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