the comfort maple 2

a different take than the previous ‘the comfort maple 1’…

named after the comfort family who owned the land it sits on from the early 1800’s, the comfort maple is a sugar maple tree that lives in the comfort maple conservation area in pelham, ontario. it is believed to be approximately 500 years old and would be one of the oldest such trees in canada. the comfort maple was designated a heritage tree in june 2000 under the ontario heritage act .

from the information sign on the site:

This tree, believed to be Canada’s oldest Sugar Maple (acer saccharum) was accepted for its preservation April 30th 1961, by the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority from Miss Edna Eleanor Comfort, whose family have owned this land since 1816. She and her late brother, Earl Hampden Comfort, to whose memory this tree is now dedicated with gratitude and affection, reserved this plot of land for its protection in 1946
“O Lord, How Glorious Are Thy Works”

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