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From Across The LakeThe SquareAlma BeachThe Temple's CourtyardLight In The PortFrom The Old PortThe Old Port CityFrom Across The Lake (Colour)From Across The Lake (B%26W)Mist RisingA Whisper Of Blue Light 2A Whisper Of Blue Light 1Clouds Over 'The Big Smoke'Suspended WhirlwindLA NightFrom Hawk HillFrom The PointAfter The FogRenewalUp And DownCity From The HillClouds Over The West 3Clouds Over The West 2Clouds Over The West 1Island SprawlLAX... NotClouds Over The PortThe CoreWinter From RiverdaleShadows In The MistDad's Piece Of Magic 2Dad's Piece Of Magic 1Summer From RiverdaleChoppy WatersIcy Reflections 2Icy Reflections 1From DalhousieThe Skyline At DuskBrooklyn Bridge Under Clouds (Panoramic)Sunset Over The CityClouds Adrift Over The Windy CityBuckingham Fountain By Moonlight 2Buckingham Fountain By Moonlight 1Flying Over 'The Ledge'The Mirror