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where the oceans meet

Where The Oceans Meet

the st. giles islands off the tip of tobago is roughly where the atlantic ocean meets the caribbean sea. the waters are rough, but a boat ride to get up close is exhilarating! the leftmost island (or rock) is nicknamed london bridge; it is quite simply an outcrop with an arch through the middle. this scene was photographed from atop flagstaff hill around charlotteville, tobago.

so… on our second last day in tobago, we chartered a boat to take us from batteaux bay around to pirate’s bay. little did we know that we would be in for the ride of our lives! as mentioned above, the waters are their roughest around the end of the year (we were there from christmas eve to new year’s day). we were brought up close to the main island where we witnessed thousands of birds flying around – it is a bird sanctuary and is uninhabited. next was witnessing the water rush through the aforementioned london bridge. we then saw dolphins swimming around us, as we made our way to pirate’s bay. alas, photographing during this boat ride yielded nothing useable, as we were quite literally being tossed around on a small 20′ diving boat. but trust me when i tell you it was a ride i won’t soon forget!

this photograph can be found in the following gallery: waterscapes

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