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newfoundland – day 6

day 6 – july 6:

left rocky harbour and started on my drive up to st. anthony. planned a bunch of stops so i knew that what the map said would be a 5hr drive would end up taking a bit longer… lol! first stop: broom point, just north of western brook pond.

situated on the gulf of st. lawrence, broom point is where the mudge brothers spent their summers with their families fishing from 1941 – 1975. the land was purchased by the gros morne national park and in 1990 the original family cabin and fish store were restored. today, interpreters tell the story of the family and its fishing activities (primarily of the 1960’s era)…

somewhere between broom point and the town of st. pauls lies the fishing village of hickey’s cove. so far as i can tell, it does not appear on any maps and there are no road signs indicating it. unlike yesterday’s gull marsh, hickey’s cove has inhabitants during the summer and is substantially larger – there must have been about 20 or so cabins there as opposed to the fishing shacks in the former.

beyond hickey’s cove, i passed through cow head, shallow bay and parson’s pond before hitting another anticipated highlight of the trip: arches provincial park.

a natural rock archway created by tidal action is the centrepiece at arches provincial park. a wonderful place to just chill out and take in the beautiful scenery. i was once again blessed with beautiful skies and cloud formations during my visit…

continuing north along route 430 – the viking trail…

another one of those  unmarked fishing villages – this time josephine’s cove:

i had read about the old lighthouse at flower’s cove and sought to capture it from a couple of different vantage points…

arrived at st. anthony in the late afternoon after driving for about 9 hours or so… the fog was rolling in for the evening. i got a little dinner and went out to explore the town before calling it a day. 😉

arrived at

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