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newfoundland – day 10

day 10 – july 10:

i got to the parking lot to get on with my day and my heart sank when i saw the car… what?!? another flat tire? haven’t i seen this before? i put the doughnut on again – this time it was a nail in the tire. proceeded to the gm dealership again – this time in corner brook, of course. a phone call to the rental company to report the incident and a couple of hours later i was on my way again.

i had wanted to do the north shore drive this morning but after checking with the visitor centre on the conditions of the roads, i became gun-shy – they were apparently in rough shape and i certainly did not want to tempt fate again… the sky was blue with scarcely any clouds and it had gotten too late for ‘good light’ – that cemented it – no north shore drive.

in spite of the harsh light, i visited the corner brook gorge – a relatively easy hike from crockers road to a lookout, then to a bridge and back.

before breaking for the afternoon, i headed to marble mountain – a local ski resort just 7 kilometres east of corner brook in steady brook – to do some scouting for photo ops. as i was looking around i saw a sign pointing to steady brook falls. i followed the signs to a dirt road and parked the car when i saw a set of wooden stairs with the same sign pointing in the falls’ direction. i made my way up the stairs to a hiking trail that led to a viewing platform. it was an impressive sight, indeed, but the light was not cooperating… i decided i would come back in the late afternoon and hopefully get some decent shots then.

i had also been made aware of another attraction with potential scenic appeal: captain james cook national historic site. i would do the falls in the late afternoon, grab some dinner and head over to the historic site after that…

as luck would have it, even in the late afternoon, the sun was still blazing directly on the falls. so i did some hiking in the general area until the light got better.

  • after getting some take out for dinner, i headed to captain james cook national historic site and worked my way around the pathways until i came upon a beautiful spot to catch the sun going down and to enjoy my meal.

    with the end of this day, i realized that my photo tour of newfoundland was coming to an end. tomorrow, i would leave bright and early and drive towards st. john’s – probably stop about halfway there, get a room and continue on the day following so as not to have another marathon driving session…

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