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beclouded bay at sunrise

Beclouded Bay At Sunrisewatching clouds at sunup is a favourite pasttime! here we are on speyside bay in tobago with active clouds moving about at sunrise…

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sunrise over the islands

Sunrise Over The Islands

a long awaited trip to tobago took me to the north end of the island, at speyside, for lodging at the beautiful blue waters inn. situated in a cove, the resort faces both goat island and little tobago island (aka bird of paradise island).

here are the islands and a coconut tree silhouetted in the early morning as the sun made its appearance.

as concerns little tobago, the story goes that one sir william ingram introduced the greater bird of paradise to the island in 1909, for preservation of the species due to overhunting in its native new guinea. after his death, his heirs deeded the island to the government of trinidad and tobago as a wildlife sanctuary. the species survived until hurricane flora hit the island in 1963.

another tidbit: rumours persist that ian fleming (of james bond fame) owned the home visible on goat island. andrew lycett, his biographer disagrees, stating: “as far as we are aware, there is no link between ian fleming and goat island. the james bond novels were all written at fleming’s house, goldeneye, in jamaica.

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