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farm along the parkway

driving to montreal for a family gathering, we ended up taking the 1000 islands parkway on what was a rather unsettled day, weatherwise. we encountered rain and generally moody weather, save for a short time when we entered the parkway. i love this part of the world and always enjoy the views that all the nooks and crannies along the road afford. here we have a farmstead on the north side of the parkway with some lovely clouds in the sky on this late september day.

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five in a row


on a cross-canada journey from vancouver to toronto, i was approaching drumheller, alberta when i stumbled upon this location. there was not a soul on the property, so i just took a few steps on it, set my tripod down, composed and took this photograph. rarely will i ever photograph in the harsh midday sun – i wasn’t even sure this would work… thankfully it did! five in a row has become one of my most appreciated photographs. there has always been contention about the subject matter – many people have assumed that it was taken somewhere in southwestern ontario and thought the structures were tobacco sheds. to the best of my knowledge they are temporary storage sheds for grain awaiting rail transport.

this photograph can be found in the following gallery: country scenes

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