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newfoundland – day 9

day 9 – july 9:

we got on the road at about 6am and proceeded on our scheduled itinerary. at some point before reaching main brook, i did have a moose cross the road in front of me. unfortunately, it sprinted off into the woods – i never did get a single opportunity to photograph one in its environment 🙁

it was a similar day to yesterday – foggy and overcast, but it made for peaceful and calm scenery as we arrived into main brook, a small fishing and lumbering community on the southwest shore of hare bay:






bide arm:



everything happens for a reason, as the saying goes… were it not for a malfunctioning internet connection, i would not have met robin and i certainly would have missed these towns that exemplify living in newfoundland’s hinterland. robin, it was a pleasure meeting you and thank you for the great tour – we shall meet up again one day! (for now it will have to be through facebook… ;-))

i left bide arm at around noon, after robin and i had some homemade ice cream at the local hardware store, randell james & sons. this store is the ‘goto’ place for virtually all necessities in bide arm: hardware, building materials, tools, garden supply, groceries, sears catalogue etc… gotta love small-town life! 😉

robin had suggested that i stop in at port au choix when i reached the west coast. i got as far as the parks canada visitor reception centre, had a quick bite and watched as the fog, clouds and rain rolled in. i did not get a chance to visit the pointe riche lighthouse either 🙁

back on the road, the 430 southbound to corner brook, it was still largely overcast until i got to deer lake. by the time i reached corner brook in the mid afternoon, it was a splendid, hot summer’s day again. the locals complained about the 30+ degree heat that they are largely unaccustomed to… i stopped in at the visitor centre to get my bearings then proceeded to the memorial university (corner brook) campus to check in at the residences.

i took it easy and rested up after the long drive from st. anthony. i headed out again in the early evening for the gorgeous south shore drive, heading west to the coast from corner brook.


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newfoundland – day 3

day 3 – july 3:

a full, full day: another early morning… out by 5am for the long trek to the west coast. destination: rocky harbour. the map said it would take about 8.5 hours to get there – it took 12 – with stops, of course 😉

as soon as i left st. john’s, i hit fog. it would last for a solid 2 hours, at times with no visibility except for the hood of the car… i had reached the village of deep bight just off the trans-canada highway (tch), on trinity bay, when i noticed light starting to break through the fog. i made my way to the waterfront and parked by the boat launch to witness a most glorious scene: fog and clouds set aglow as they were breaking over the water.

as is the case with a lot of the tch through most other provinces, the road can get a bit dull as the highway winds through the countryside and misses all those little towns and villages that are otherwise seen via secondary roads. alas, in newfoundland, the tch is the only game in town when trying to reach the west coast from the east coast. so, i ate up the kilometres passing the communities of gambo, gander, bishop’s falls, badger and others.

as i was approaching the town of springdale in central newfoundland, i decided to stop at the visitor centre on the tch. i had been driving for quite a while and thought a little distraction would be good. i asked the young lady behind the counter if there was anything scenic in the general area and she pointed me to the 800′ rattling brook falls. it was about a half hour away using the 390 and 391 off the tch. sold!

after hitting a post office in king’s point (because i had forgotten to mail a letter back in toronto), i got back on the tch and made my way towards my west coast destination.

as one of the staff had mentioned at an earlier visitor centre i stopped at, when you approach the west coast of newfoundland, the landscape changes… it becomes more mountainous and rugged. so it was the case when i reached deer lake and broke off the tch onto the 430 heading north towards gros morne national park and ultimately rocky harbour.

after passing the park entrance, it’s almost as if you enter a new dimension… the road (the viking trail) becomes much prettier, the views become nothing short of spectacular – in short i was in heaven! i made a quick  stop along this scenic wonder at an unidentified lookout overlooking wigwam pond – breathtaking!

my destination reached some 12 hours later, i checked into my room, dropped off my luggage and set out to find something for dinner in rocky harbour. a vegetarian chilli meal finished, i headed out to lobster cove head lighthouse for dusk and sunset views of bonne bay and the gulf of st. lawrence.


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