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clouds over the point

Clouds Over The Point

upon first moving to the niagara peninsula, i was flipping through a tour guide and saw a picture of the point abino lighthouse. intrigued by such a lovely structure, i sought to visit it for a chance to photograph it. to my dismay i could not!

it would seem the monument has a contentious existence that remains very much alive today: the lighthouse sits perched on a narrow spit of land on the north shore of lake erie, a few kilometres west of fort erie, ontario. in 1915, construction finaly began after an agreement with local residents (mostly wealthy americans) of the community of point abino was reached. this was private land after all!

fast forward to today and though the town of fort erie has owned it since 2003, it still sits on private land and access is unfortunately quite limited. it can be visited through the summer months through a rather limited schedule – access is not granted throughout the rest of the year.

so, i finally managed to make it out there on a sunday, this past summer. the day seemed to have decent cloud cover to offer suitable lighting. alas, when i got there, by the time i had walked the mile or so to reach the site, the clouds were breaking up… this was one of the first shots i took before the clouds dissipated enough to let that harsh sunlight through.

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from across the lake (colour and b&w)

From Across The Lake (Colour)

From Across The Lake (B&W)

the jokes are no more. at least that is what i can tell… long the butt of many jokes, buffalo has made an amazing comeback! with its close proximity to home in st. catharines, i’ve been able to go on a few visits to explore ‘the queen city’. granted, i haven’t gone into full explorer mode yet, but what i have seen is a city on the rise… revitalized, chic and trendy neighbourhoods such as elmwood village and allentown are wonderful to visit and explore. the downtown is clean and the architecture is a feast for the eyes!

in any event, this is the buffalo skyline as photographed from across the lake in fort erie, ontario. admittedly it took a few attempts to get a good vantage point, but i think i found one! šŸ˜‰

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