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seal rocks

Seal Rocks

the rock formation present at the north end of ocean beach at lands end in san francisco is called seal rocks. so named for the sea lions that used to ‘haul out’ on the rock formation. apparently the sea lions have migrated to pier 39 and it is usually only birds to be found there (as this photo would indicate):

“a few california sea lions began ‘hauling out’ on pier 39′s k-dock shortly after the loma prieta earthquake hit san francisco in october 1989. by january 1990, the boisterous barking pinnipeds started to arrive in droves and completely took over k-dock, much to the exasperation of pier 39′s marina tenants. the marina staff turned to the marine mammal center, an organization devoted to the rescue and rehabilitation of marine mammals, for advice about their new slippery tenants. After much debate and research, the experts from the marine mammal center recommended that the sea lions stay in their newfound home.” ~ pier39.com

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trees along the trail

Trees Along The Path

after having spent the previous day driving the cabrillo highway and focusing on the big sur area, i eventually made it to my motel in monterey. The next morning, a blustery and foggy one, i made my way to san francisco.

the first area i visited was lands end on the western tip of the city. the fog would eventually lift in the late morning. meanwhile, i strolled along the coastal trail and the lands end trail. this scene was photographed along the former: monterey cypress lining the coast side of the pathway.

beginning in 1933, the city of san francisco and the federal government’s civilian works administration (cwa) planted thousands of monterey cypress around lands end to ‘beautify’ the area. after years of neglect, efforts are underway to prune and thin the trees of lands end to create a healthy forest.” ~ national park service – sutro district

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