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sunrise from the citadel

after arriving at masada while it was still dark, we made the climb up the ‘snake path’ to the top of the plateau.  it is by no means an easy or short hike, but it is doable with a couple of bottles of water at hand. you will sweat –  a lot! i could not imagine doing the climb later in the day; the weather is just too hot…

it is tradition to climb masada to observe the sunrise. admittedly, i was not sure if there would be a sunrise to photograph as the dust that seemed to hang in the air during our entire stay in the south of israel was present again on this day. i had wanted to photograph the jordanian mountains while in eilat and could not. you can just barely make them out here, as viewed from the summit. the water you see in the middle of the frame is the dead sea.

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predawn surprise

having returned from the ride on route 3199 from arad to masada and back at a relatively decent hour, we got to bed earlier than normal. we were getting up at 4am to drive to the front entrance of masada off the 90. the plan was, of course, to get there early enough (while it was still dark) to get in line and start the tough climb up to the top before sunrise: it is ‘tradition’ to observe the sunrise from masada…

all went according to plan, though we were there earlier than we needed to be.

it did give me time to fiddle a bit before the climb. i set up the gear in front of the car and did my best to focus in the dark of the early morning; the only light source was quite a ways back at the other end of the parking lot. this shot was taken at 1600 iso with a 30-second exposure at f4. it looked interesting enough in the tiny lcd display at the back of the camera; i was pleasantly surprised at how clean the raw files were once i started editing.

this photograph can be found in the following gallery: landscapes

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