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bay at sundown

Bay At Sundown

though trinidad is an island, surprisingly, easily accessible beaches are not plentiful! when one lives in the capital city of port of spain, a lovely drive along the north coast road will take you to a number of the north coast beaches, including maracas beach – the most popular beach on the island. if one wants to stay a tad closer to home however, there is macqueripe bay – it is a short drive from the city (providing the traffic is not too bad ;-)) and it is found at the extreme north west of the island.

the beach area has undergone recent renovations that include a zip-lining facility and nicely landscaped grounds.  because it is set in a cove, the water is usually quite calm. it is deceptively deep however…

the entire area used to be a well developed beach area complete with a beach club. if you did not know it, trinidad was a british colony until august 30, 1962. by arrangement with england, the area was turned into an american military base in the early 40’s during world war 2. american subs were stationed in macqueripe bay, presumably because the waters were so deep. the area reverted back to a beach area in the early 1970’s.

here you have a lovely sunset on a beautiful july evening at macqueripe bay.

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