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entrance cascade (colour and b&w)

Entrance Cascade

Entrance Cascade (B&W)

in days gone by, this image would have depicted part of the entrance amphitheatre of watkins glen state park. today, it is simply known as the ‘main entrance’ from the parking lot off of franklin street. interestingly, it is not until you get rather close to the entrance tunnel (not in frame – off to the right) that one notices the waterfall.

counter-intuitive as it may be, this waterfall is the last one on glen creek and the gorge rail. from this entrance you do indeed start at the end, as it were… so here we have entrance cascade under the sentry bridge, surrounded by massive sculpted rock walls.

the gorge trail is approximately 1.5 miles long from this point, making it a gorgeous 3-mile hike along glen creek, there and back through water-sculpted rock and 19 waterfalls.

these photographs can be found in the following gallery: waterscapes

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