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storm over ‘old faithful’

Storm Over 'Old Faithful'

returning to vancouver from toronto, i opted to drive the whole way back through the northern united states. i spent a day touring yellowstone national park, home of the world-famous old faithful geyser – aptly named so because it erupts at relatively steady intervals.

it had been a splendid early fall day in october as i awaited the next eruption… the sun was progressively disappearing as a storm started to push through. dejected that the weather was changing for my one and only opportunity to photograph this wonder, i half-heartedly started shooting when old faithful finally blew its steam. when it had finished, i returned to the car and kept on my way through the rest of the road back to the campsite.

it would be a couple of weeks before i got my slides back – imagine my surprise when i witnessed the scene as it had been captured – i fell in love with this shot!

this photograph can be found in the following gallery: skyscapes 1

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