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harvest moon from the hills

Harvest Moon From The Hills

full moon; supermoon; harvest moon… what a glorious sight on monday, september 8th, 2014 from the paramin hills in trinidad. headed up there early to catch the sunset before my wife and daugther had their yoga class ‘under the full moon’ at the north deck (a banquet facility under and open sky with beautiful coastal views) – i had promised myself that i would attempt to photograph the next supermoon from those hills; so the opportunity was there!

quite frankly it snuck up on me and it made its appearance earlier than anticipated. i had been photographing a so-so sunset in the other direction, when i noticed it in the sky already. went back to the car, switched up lenses and started shooting into the night sky…

 this photograph can be found in the following gallery: skyscapes 2

Blowup of September 2014 supermoon.

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