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a fond farewell

A Fond Farewell

a fond farewell indeed… on the last few days of my trinidad adventure, i headed up to blanchisseuse, a small village on the north coast of trinidad. i had meant to (finally) photograph the old spring bridge at the end of the paved north coast road. alas, when i got there, there were construction crews and heavy equipment about – so much for capturing a piece of history!

i made my way back towards home stopping here and there… fittingly there was some inclement weather about as i set up to photograph this scene from a covered concrete deck on the beach. farewell to thee trinidad and to all my trini friends… you will me missed.

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into the storm

Into The Storm

on the outskirts of drumheller, alberta are the famous rock formations known as hoodoos. unfortunately, i just could not get inspired to photograph them properly, so i gave up and instead trekked through the back roads… at one point i came to a crest and i could see a storm approaching. i got the gear out and set up right in the middle of the dirt road. just as i finished, it started raining… heavily! but, i did get this shot off!

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clouds over the fort

Clouds Over The Fort

fort george, formerly called la vigie, sits high up in the hills overlooking port of spain and the gulf of paria in trinidad. it was one of a series of defense positions to protect the island established in 1804. never having been used for military purposes, it ceased being a military facility around 1846several cannons are from the original site and bear the british royalty coat of arms. the wooden structure you see photographed was a signal station established 1883 and was in use until 1964. today the site is a recreational area for residents and tourists alike, with picnic tables and landscaped grounds. the views afforded are spectacular and on the clearest of days, venezuela can be seen in the distance.

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storm over the rock

Storm Over The Rock

my return drive from san francisco to los angeles started out as a rainy, misty, grey and miserable day. it seemed as though i was outrunning the weather i was trying to leave behind… alas, it did catch up to me eventually, but not before i got this wonderful shot of the storm over morro bay.

morro rock, the extinct volcano peak, “… was first charted in 1542 by portuguese explorer juan rodriguez cabrillo, who called it el morro, the spanish geographical term for a crown-shaped rock or hill…” (from wikipedia)

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