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red sea sunrise

with mitzpe ramon and the crater behind us, we proceeded down the 40 until the town of neot smadar where we branched off onto the 12 that would take us along the egyptian border all the way to eilat. we have family here, so it was time to take it a little easier… the truth is that the break was almost imposed on me as the visibility was extremely poor all the time we were there. i had hoped to photograph the jordanian mountains from across the red sea in eilat, but they could barely be seen. both the sunrises and sunsets were quite simply pitiful. it was like a permanent dust storm, that as we found out later, would cover the area from eilat up to the dead sea.

eilat is situated on the northern tip of the red sea; it is a busy seaport and a tourist destination. this photograph is of the israeli side, at sunrise, from one of the beaches along the main road (the 90) that eventually ends at the egyptian border crossing into taba. the white tower you see in the distance is the coral world underwater observatory and has been a prominent landmark in eilat since the mid-70’s. though you could not see much of the jordanian side, the sunrise did provide for the purple in the sky and the red on the mountains.

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