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waterfall sunset


exploring is half the fun when i am in a new place. well, trinidad is still quite new to me and it is indeed a lot of fun exploring the rugged beauty of this island. unlike the popular tourist destinations in the caribbean, trinidad is not ‘manicured’ for tourists so a lot of discovery is left to your own abilities and desire for adventure. rough roads, when they are available, are part of the game – otherwise it is park the car and hike…

in any event, the many times i headed to maracas beach i kept seeing a steep road veering off the north coast road. on this day i decided to explore it on my return home. not knowing where it lead, i climbed it gingerly not knowing whether to continue on it or not. as i was climbing, i noticed a group of people hanging about waiting to enter what turned out to be a banquet hall type of facility. i asked a gentleman where the road led and whether i could continue my ascent. he replied that i could indeed continue, as it would take me all the way to maraval – where i needed to go to get back home.

so i continued and was rewarded with a beautiful experience. i passed homes clinging to mountain ledges, saw colourful pepper (pimento) fields and experienced a narrow and winding road like i’d never been on before. by the time i had reached maraval, i had passed small villages and some beautiful scenery. quite frankly, i felt exhilarated after the drive – i had never seen anything like this before!

this is waterfall sunset; so named because it was taken on saut d’eau road (french for waterfall in some caribbean communities), in the paramin hills of northwestern trinidad.

this photograph can be found in the following gallery: skyscapes 2

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