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after having climbed into the vertical cavities between the pillars i felt inspired to explore the cliffs that house solomon’s pillars even though time was ticking away… there was still plenty more to see!

making my way to the southern end of the structure, i discovered it also houses hathor’s temple: the egyptian temple dedicated to the goddess of copper, hathor. it’s by no means grand, but it is there… further around and up some sandstone steps and i came onto this arch or opening in the cliff wall that affords views of the timna valley and mountains.

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pillar wall 1 & 2

probably the most famous landmark of timna park, within the timna valley, is the cluster of sandstone cliffs featuring solomon’s pillars. the cliff structure itself is a natural formation caused by water erosion over the millennia.

there is no definitive backstory to their name. this wikipedia entry is as plausible as any: “American archaeologist Nelson Glueck caused a surge of attention for the pillars in the 1930s. He claimed that the pillars were related to King Solomon and gave them the name “Solomon’s Pillars”.[citation needed] Although his hypothesis lacked support and has not been accepted, the name stuck, and the claim gave the valley the attention that helped bring about the excavations and current national park.

the pillars are very accessible and climbing into the vertical cavities is not too strenuous. the images presented depict the texture of the sandstone walls within. again, because of the lighting at that time of day, i opted to photograph ‘out of the light’.

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continuing further into timna park, we come to the rock formation known as the sphinx. alas, because of lighting conditions and the realization that i was on a strict ‘time budget’, this was the only vantage point that made sense…

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spiral rock

about 1/2 an hour north of eilat, in the very south of israel, is timna park. it is set in the beautifully magnificent timna valley of the negev desert. the area is rich in copper ore and has been mined for thousands of years. amongst the hiking trails, the various buildings and remnants of copper mines that make up the park, is a collection of natural land and rock formations: natural sculptures, if you will. for that day, that was my mission – to discover and photograph the major landmarks.

alas, once again lighting was not on my side: it was clear blue skies for as far as the eye could see; that and the dust which hung in the area as we looked due east. with that in mind, we took a cursory glance along all the roads of the park to get a sense of the majesty we had seen in pictures. by the latter half of the afternoon, as the sun was getting lower, i set out to photograph those natural sculptures: the first such stop is spiral rock.

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