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a fond farewell

A Fond Farewell

a fond farewell indeed… on the last few days of my trinidad adventure, i headed up to blanchisseuse, a small village on the north coast of trinidad. i had meant to (finally) photograph the old spring bridge at the end of the paved north coast road. alas, when i got there, there were construction crews and heavy equipment about – so much for capturing a piece of history!

i made my way back towards home stopping here and there… fittingly there was some inclement weather about as i set up to photograph this scene from a covered concrete deck on the beach. farewell to thee trinidad and to all my trini friends… you will me missed.

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snow-covered trees


winter in vancouver; we were experiencing crazy weather… something they call an inversion, i think. there was a thick blanket of fog at ground level and we hadn’t seen the sun for days! if one had headed up to the mountains as i had, one would have seen the entire lower mainland covered in fog, but up in the mountains the sun was shining like crazy! when the clouds and fog were finally breaking up, i high-tailed it back up to mount seymour and was rewarded with this spectacular sight!

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