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as the fog clears

As The Fog Clears

peter b., a fella who worked for newfoundland tourism, suggested i try to head to the little town of whiteway on the shores of trinity bay on my way to st. john’s. he fired up his pc and showed me a picture of shag rock. one look and i was hooked. so what was supposed to be a leisurely drive towards st. john’s ended up being a bit of a marathon as it extended my trip on this day by a few hours.

alas, after i had checked in to my motel room and made my way to whiteway, the weather was not co-operating… everything was fogging over! ditto the next morning. i literally got up before the crack of dawn and made my way over to whiteway again. it was drizzling. when i arrived, everything was fogged over once again. 5 hours into my little excursion and i finally got this shot off – perseverance pays off! wouldn’t you know it? it fogged over some more afterwards…

in any event, there you have it – my take on shag rock in the waters of whiteway bay, newfoundand 😉

this photograph can be found in the following gallery: waterscapes

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newfoundland – day 11

day 11 – july 11:

bright and early indeed, i left corner brook thoroughly impressed with this little jewel of an urban oasis in that sea of rugged and scenic landscapes. not wanting to have another long drive, i thought i would stay the night somewhere near the midpoint to st. john’s, say the city of gander.

well, it was a thought anyway… about an hour or so before reaching gander i decided to pull off at a visitor centre i had visited the week before. the gentleman there had been quite knowledgeable and had pointed out a few things for me to look out for. if he was there, i would tell him about the great time i had had and that all his suggestions were spot on!

peter b. was there and recognized me straight away… he asked about my trip and i told him about my adventures. i had left one of my business cards with him the week prior and he proceeded to tell me how impressed he was with my work. i thanked him for taking the time to look at my website. he then made a suggestion to me about another place to visit on my way to the east coast: shag rock just outside the town of whitbourne about an hour or so outside of  st. john’s… he showed me a picture from a website and i was immediately taken – i had to photograph it!

well, so much for taking it easy! i blew past gander, gambo, glovertown, terra nova national park and clarenville, all along the tch before arriving at whitbourne.

the weather had started to turn and i was getting anxious that i would not be able to see and photograph shag rock properly because of the weather. i found a room, unloaded my bags and started on the half-hour or so trip to shag rock north along route 80. hindsight being 20/20, i would have been much better off finding accommodations in whiteway, but it’s no use crying over spilled milk. 😉

it was fogging over…

i would have another attempt in the morning before continuing on to st. john’s…

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